Depression, write your emotions

So I found writing a helpful tool to help with coping herb depression and THATS kinda why I’m writing here on episode.

So I create this thread for you to unload your deepest darkest feelings.

Write a poem, share your story, write a song, write a journal, write anything you like.

A few months ago I wanted to end my life.
Now I’m fighting to stay alive.

Let’s all help each other x


To add:

Lost alone. All alone.
I alone, all I have are my own flesh and bones.
My own being.

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Depression is like pretending to be gay. Colourful on the outside. But dark in the inside.

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Beautiful x



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Hey @josiej8 if you need someone to talk to my PMs are always open.

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Thanks, really worked I ate it x


I have a couple of poems I’ve written, but they’re way too dark, and would 120% be flagged. But when I think of something that’s a little lighter, I’ll share it :blob_sun:

If anyone wants to talk about anything, feel free to PM me <3


Take out the bad parts and post it anyway, or PM me




I wrote this a few months ago. First time posting my poetry online :sweat_smile:


Shadows in my mind
Void in my head
Just what does a girl need
To not become a mess?
An abyss so big, it fills me whole
When it arrives, it crawls up close
Like a galaxy with no stars
Like a night sky with no moon
Afraid, I’ve become;
Don’t want to get swallowed
I brace myself and wait
For the unknown.

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Holy crap that’s deep :heart_eyes:

Hope it’s the good kind of deep hahaha

Yo man, let’s keep it clean shall we? :joy:

And yes the good type not the…this mature app needs to hurry up lol

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Oh my god I totally didn’t mean it that way :rofl: Kinda saw it coming tho not gon lie

Im dead :coffin:

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holy shit

I dunno ask your parents.