Desciption Feeback, Help, And Writing!

Hello! Welcome to my thread! My name is Amealia and I will help you with your description. I know they can be tough to write at times and you can feel like it just isnt right at times.

What do I do? I will take your written description and give you feedback on it. I will also write you a description.

If you are looking for feedback on your description then you just send me your description, story title, and story genre and I will take it from their.

If you are looking for a new description then you send me a small summery of your story and I will write you a description.


Heya i didn’t get help about this before but i can use some :slight_smile: Here’s my description you can make some changes and give feedback too!

Here’s the link btw:

Could you give me a short summery of your story please?

Mine is about these two girls who move out to New York to chase after their dreams of being an actress and one of them meets a guy who is a famous actress but he’s in cover and she doesn’t realize it’s him

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Hi I’m Rebecca!
This is the summary of my story Vendetta:

CBI agent Rebecca Beverly is put on a homicide case with an FBI agent Alexander Hamilton who seeks revenge for his parents untimely death. The homicide case is one of the many murders the criminal has committed. The murderer is known as ‘The Gardener’ because he leaves a white rose covered in the victim’s blood in the victim’s cold dead hands. All while Alex and Rebecca have soon recognized their love for each other and struggle to find the killer and protect and fight for one another.

And here is the description I came up with:

After failing for years, the FBI seeks your help in catching the infamous killer: The Gardener. How will you see past the lies and secrets to fight for justice and your love?

What do you think?

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When two girls move to the city to become actors, it all changes when a famous actor undercover crosses paths with them.

What do you think about that? It fits the character limit episode gives you as well.

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Your description is good. It has the beginning event that sparks the story (the FBI needing the reader’s help) and it has some words to hint at things that will happen throughout the story (‘see past the lies and secrets to fight for justice and your love?’) Overall I think this description is really good and fits your story well all while intriguing the reader.


Thats good thanks

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