Describe the superhero! [GAME]


So here is how the game works some body says a weird superhero name like Captain Bluey Then the next person describes his powers like this:

Captain bluey stops crime by trapping villains in his grandma’s blueberry pie!
Then the person describing the last superhero comes up with their own weird superhero name so the next person to describe it I’ll so first


Sir Jumps Alot
This superhero kicks bad guy butt by jumping! Everytime Sir jumps Alot jumps a shock wave gets thrown towards the bad guy Woohoo go sir Jumps Alot

Your superhero: CheetoMan


CheetoMan can blind the bad guy by throwing Cheeto powder on him!!!

Your superhero: Fuzzlenuggets


Fuzzlenuggets grows nuggets from his body!!! Unlimited chicken nuggets!!!

Your superhero: The Stick


The stick won’t hesitate to hit you with his bo staff! He’s fast and he’s strong, no villain can break this twig!

The next person’s: Gamma Girl


When rage strikes in, she grows into enormous sizes, radiating Gamma radiations all around herself that blind her foes. She gets super-strength and flying abilities…

Next Superhero: PorcupineMan



Um, @Ryan please write the name of the next superhero to describe about :blush::+1:
Nice PorcupineMan by the way, love the Avengers reference! :two_hearts:




An extraterrestrial male who looks a lot like Hugh Jackman and gives bone-crushing hugs to any evil-doer with his muscled-hustled body (LOL :laughing: )



Imma try something here don’t laugh. I know you’ll laugh on purpose just because I said it… :roll_eyes:

Gumster: the one and only superhero/mister that fights villains by chewing gums and making ballons that are so big and explode infront of the villain making them all sticky and non-movable. Nailed it once again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t know if you meant that @AS007 but I tried… :sweat_smile:



Hey! Try try but don’t cry and…fail? I dunno I forgot the damn thing :laughing:


After 11 frickin’ days…

The man who lives in woods, is made of wood, fights with wood and protects the wood.



Granite uses her earth like powers to stop villain’s 24/7 with her special move rock stomper she’ll mess you up so don’t get in her way!

Rancid Rachel


Rancid Rachel bathes in bacon grease, and uses her horrific smell to instantly KILL people.

Mad Mom (can kill someones hopes and dreams with one conversation.)


Honey you need to name a superhero for the next person.

I’ll start again.

Captain McDabulous


A superhero that fight villains by dabbing their faces off, lol.


Donutman eat donuts breakfast, dinner and tea time! He uses the frosting to shoot people!!



Nutellaman traps people in his sticky Nutella! While they’re stuck he gives them a good beating, then takes 'em to the police!



“Butter up, Amigos! Butterboy’s gonna kick yo butts!!!” Blessed with buttery good smell, buttery good looks, buttery good intelligence and buttery good strength, this guy is formidable (and I hope you have enough of the bread to stop him LOL…)