Description and title ideas, plz! 😵

Hi guys!
I have an idea in mind. So my story is about a 17 aged girl named Kayla that at the age of 10 saw her dad killing her mom. She a bigger sister but she left home before that could happen. She lost contact with her. Her dad went to jail at the age of 43 and he is now 50 he is going to get out of jail at the age of 55, he he’s going to stay in prison just for 12 years because he has a friend in court. When Kayla’s dad commited her mom’s omicide, he left fake proofs of a collaboration with her daughter into killing the mother. So Kayla went to juvie from the age of 11 to 15. She get out of here at 15 years old, because her dad finally confessed her innocence in this. Kayla is now brave, fearless and an introverted person. She is forced to choose between peace or revenge. But she actually needs a family, but she does not know that, cause she is afraid all of that happened can happen again with a new family. So she just wants to forget her past. Here’s what she usually say:
“This is just a nightmare, I am trying to wake from.”

  xoxo, Iris, thx!
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When murder and blood haunt her past. How can Hannah look for a better future with a family, a family has brought her nothing be sorrow.


Thx any title ideas too?

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I’ll think of something.

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  • blood and roses
  • Eternal Nightmare
  • the chains of my past
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I would suggest LONGING OBLIVION as the title which means a desire to forget… If you like it…

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