Description Help For Brand New Story Needed!

Title: First Goodbye

Plot/Story Idea: Aurora recently lost her best friend due to a car crash they were in. And the story navigates her struggle to move on in every regard


I’d love to help!! Here’s what I think:

Growing up, Aurora and Insert best friends name here have been tight. Insert best friends name here died. It was a car crash. And Aurora’s world tumbles into darkness. Fast.

I thought the short sentences would give an urgency compelling the reader to want to read the episode.

Also if you want something more specific, you can DM me the plot and I can help you more!

Heres what i think:

Aurora loses her best friend in a tragic accident now her life is upside down will she move on or will she always feel that pain…


Here’s mine!
Aurora’s best friend was ripped away from her in a car accident. Who knew something so quick, could cause such lingering darkness. Can she ever find her light again?

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