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Hey hey. I don’t really know if there’s like proper formatting for help stuff but I need some help or pointers for a description. I’m extremely bad at descriptions for stories lol.

Here’s the basic run down for the story:

Lisa Caster and her four friends all succumb to a supernatural parasite. Lisa’s parasite’s name is ‘Her’ and it constantly berates her and tries to bring her down. As the story progresses, it’s shown that the parasite is spreading in the group and to others.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey! This sound super interesting :star_struck: Here are some suggestions for a description:

  • Lisa and her friends get infected with something supernatural. It seems to become more and more alive inside of you. Can you find a cure before it’s too late or will you take the enemy’s site?

  • After getting infected with what seems to be a parasite, you start to feel less yourself every day. Can you solve the supernatural mistery with your friends before it breaks out into the world?

If you’re still looking for a title, here are also some suggestions from my << Story Title Shop >> :

  • Patient Zero
  • Antigene
  • Under My Skin

Let me know if any of my suggestions work for you :hugs: Good luck with your story! :four_leaf_clover:


Oh wow, these are fantastic! Thank you for the suggestions!

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