Description Help Needed For A Revamped Story! & Opinions on if I Should Do It In Ink or LL

Title: Just The Beginning

Genre: Romance

Plot: Clara (21) becomes legal gaurdjan of Naomi (7) after their mom dies in a plane crash and their dad kills himself, and after they find out she has a heart condition, Clara starts working her butt off to pay for treatment, after a while, she gets a job as a swimming instructor and falls in love with her student Lucas (19-20) and they eventually get together but keep its secret.

  • Thanks for the better idea of what happened to their parents by giving me some suesstions to @Martini_98

Originally, this was in Ink. But should I do it n Ink or LL this time? Tell me which one you think and your reasoning! :grin: I want this story to do the best it possibly can.

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Hey it’s me again, lol. Here are some ideas:

  • Your priority - to save your sister’s life. Will you let your feelings get in the way when you fall for someone you shouldn’t?

  • Life couldn’t get possibly worse for Clara, or so she thought when her sister falls sick. Can a new job help her save Naomi’s heart and maybe hers too?

  • Raising a child is hard enough for young Clara. Even more when Naomi falls sick. A new job opportunity seems to have more in store than she thought.

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I love the second one! Do you think it’s best for me to do it in LL or Ink?

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Definitely LL! It has so much more everything: animations, outfits, features. I know there are still some ink fans out there but the community is growing every day and LL is the better option in my opinion.

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Okay then! :grin:

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