Description ideas needed, thanks!

Hey, I desperately need help with my description, I’m completely empty and unable to come up with a purposeful summary! :weary: this is for my story!

Here’s a little bit about the story: once there were two close friends, but one moved away and now is back after a long time. Its very vague, I know, but basically it’s a lot of drama and heated romance, so I want it to sound thrilling and exciting, If ygm. (:

Thank you so much!! :heartbeat:

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Now I’m going to need more than that. 1 moved away, what happens to the other one? Will they meet again somewhere? Will someone be in their way? Are they feeling romantic attraction towards each other? Is there something going on in their work life? Family? Etc.

Now I know mentioned romance and drama
So will there be conflict between the two friends and someone else?

Yeah, basically the one (LI) returns back to where the friends (MC) had lived in the beginning, so they are together again. They meet during a dark night, in the spot they always used to meet at. The characters don’t show immediate attraction, but they are playful and flirty. The MC has depression, and the LI has been her comfort zone since the start, when he had left it got worse for her, as he had broken a promise as well. The MC actually becomes a worker for the LI, but they are friendly so they don’t treat each other as a boss and employee. There will be a character from the LI’s past who will intervene in their relationship and cause trouble among them. Family isn’t a major aspect but does take some role in being a support, and giving advice, from time to time. The MC develops trust issues after some time, bc of the LI.


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Alright. Give me a few minutes.

An idea of mine if you want something sort of catchy:

MC (Is The Reader)

After years of being separated, your best friend moves back into your town. When you start to work for him, will this lead to something more? Or will it all come crumbling down?

MC (Separated From Reader)

After years of being separated, MC’s best friend moves back into her town. When she starts to work for him, will this lead to something more? Or will it all come crumbling down?


Love these, amazing! :heart_eyes::heart_on_fire:

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Glad you like it!

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Love this idea!

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