Description needed for my story!

Nobody Like You!
Can anyone help for a description and genre?

Jack and Eva have been married for a month, Jack sees Eva with another guy. They have an argument with each other. Jack walks out and is run over. The story is about how Eva gets over it.

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Hmm, I don’t think this really falls into any specific genre…if Episode had ‘Angst’ this would be underneath it
I guess in a way it’s an “Adventure”, the road to recovering from losing someone

As for the description, implement wedding vows into it like “Through sickness and in health is a vow two people make, but does that still apply now that one is dead?”

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WOW! Thank You :smile:

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I thought of some ideas for you.

  1. Romance (if there is a lot of it)
  2. Drama (if you include a lot of their relationship)
  3. Thriller (if any scary things happen after he dies or before his death)
  4. Mystery (if Eva doesn’t know how he died or if Jack doesn’t know who the guy with Eva is)

Those are my ideas for genre. Now I got some descriptions for you to use.

  1. After seeing another guy with his wife, Jack and his wife Eva have an argument about it. Jack storms away and gets run over by a car by accident. Will Eva regret that she made him feel that way?

  2. Eva and her husband Jack are suddenly in a fight after Eva is seen with another guy. While storming out, Jack gets run over. Will Eva get over it?

I hope this helped!


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Thank You

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