Description needed! :)

I need a description for a story I’m in the process of writing.

Title- I’m Listening

Not so brief description- Dallas has always relied on no one but herself for her success. Ashton has always had things handed to him and has never known the ‘joy’ of hard work. One day they bump into eachother (literally) and they start to get to know eachother. Dallas has a big (yet little) secret. She has a 6 year old daughter that she’s had to raise on her own since the ripe age of 14.

I have good ideas for a description but they’re all way too long and I don’t know how to reduce the length without completly changing it. Ahhhhhh, please help!

Example of one of those descriptions- Two separate lives one… ‘interesting’ story. Dallas has lived her life never depending on anyone else for help. Ashton has always had things handed to him and has never had to work for his success . What happens when two people with complete opposite lives collide? Will it be a love story for the grandkids, or a blissful yet heartbreaking memory?

Please have it be 180 characters or less (because episode is great like that,)

Edit- Something I forgot to mention, Dallas can read every persons mind she comes across, except for Ashton’s and her daughters.

Work with the one @bossyroxy411 said. I agree with that one.

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I really like that but it needs to be a little shorter :joy: Thanks so much though.

use this then.

Thank you! : )