Desk overlay needed


any one have a desk overlay i can use ? or know someone who creates them? just leave their instagram below. thanks so much in advance! :heart:


There’s plenty in overlay section but what exactly you need?


i need it because the background INT. CLASSROOM FRONT OL - DAY wont let me add more characters in the background so i have to add my own and an overlay for each character.


@RudeInception can you share these overlays with my friend? :smiley:


Sure, @Summerbella_jones96 pm me


oky. thanks so much


Hey @RudeInception! Do you by any chance still have the overlays? I just figured I need them too :joy: Thanks in advance :blush::revolving_hearts::sparkles:


Hey, girl :wave:t3:.
Sorry, my Overlay Shop is closed at the moment and that la when I tend to give out overlays. Check in on Instagram to be updated of any future reopening: @rude_in.


ahhh okay, thankyou so much love! enjoy your day<33! :dizzy::blush: