Desperate For Artist!


Hello!! I am writing a story and I would love to have some art! But, unfortunately I am NO artist! lmao
Anyways… I just need some artists! And if you look I did just make this account today. So, I will eventually run out of replies! So please if you would like to make a request, email me at! I will reply to you guys (from when this was posted) for like 3 more hours today. Then, I will try my best to be on top of replying to you guys during the week! So yeah, just email me if you’re interested!! When you email me, please make the subject be something like: Artist Request. Then send me your availability and when you can make my art. Also please send me some of your art. (Perferably Episode art) and I’ll let you know if you’re what I am looking for!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!




I’m here


Me too!


Do you need a cover artist to


No, I’m also offering tohelp, thanks though :blush:


Liv’s splash & banner shop (OPEN) request here
it’s a flopp


Lol okay np


Oh, hey! I can do it for you! Check Plethora Graphics - my graphics shop for more examples. Thanks!!