Desperate for help


Whatever back round I type in, it doesn’t exist. I saw heard some ppl used images from Google. Can anyone tell me how to? Thx!
P.S. Sry if u think im stupid, dont be mean plz this is my first time making an episode!

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What BG are you looking for? is something very specific?


You could always check out this thread:

And here’s another thread to check out for BGs:

There’s also other people on Episode who have amazing BGs and you should give credit:

(through her linktree, you can find overlays, backgrounds through google drive)
Then there’s

You can access BGs from Google Drive but GIVE credit.

There’s this:

And this:

Another link to awesome backgrounds:

Another link:

Another awesome link:

Another link:

From their linktrees, you can access Backgrounds and overlays.

You could also check out this thread:

It gives a list of Episode users that provide backgrounds.

This thread:

This link:

All these awesome people have cool backgrounds. Remember if you use them and the overlays, give credit! did have backgrounds before but I’m not so sure now…
Anyways, there are plenty of sources out there!

And here’s another link lol:

I hope this helped and if I think of any more, I’ll be sure to write them down!

Hi how do you download backgrounds?
NEED someone good at make cover AND BACKGROUND, SPLASH
In need of supermarket backgrounds
Please help me with a gun overlay

Hi. For your reference, you cannot use images from google. These are often copywritten and you could face penalties, regaudless of people using them and them getting approved accidently, they are not legal to use on episode. try or the other drives (including mine) that people have suggested. Episode also has a very large catalogue of their own backgrounds, and using custom ones isn’t always necessary, especially when you are first starting out.