Desperate looking for an artist



Hi everyone! I’m currently looking for someone to make a Large Cover for my story “Pregnant by a Gang Leader. Soo does anyone know who does take requests? Or are you an artist who can make a cover for me? Please let me know​:tired_face::heart: UPDATE: I NEED MORE COVERS TO SEE WHICH I CAN USE :heart::heart::heart:
Here are the details:


I think can do it, just send the details


For future reference, this belongs in the Art Resources category.


if it’s an ink story, I can try, if you want to co with me reply, so i can send you some examples and you can decide if you want to work w me or not


Our art group makes covers you can ask anyone of them but request there if you want to.



I’d love to💕


Here are some examples, do you want to co w me?


If you’d like my group can? No pressure at all.


Can you send some examples of the arts of your group?


Episode starlight could


It’s looks great! But I suck at drawing😅




4AB58401-CAC4-44A0-A529-81779AD31E0B 1AA5E323-99F7-45A7-8EDE-17EE7D7782CD

Is that enough?


Yes, looks not bad :two_hearts:


I think I could but I have a few questions.

Do you have a deadline or time or need it by?
Does it have to be drawn?
And if I’m able to do it what is the description for it so I know what kind if background and possible overlays


It doesn’t matter how long it takes, take your time💕. And I’d like to have it drawn. This is the discription of my story: You had an one-night stand with the ruthless, feared gang leader: Tyler Jones. Turns out you’re pregnant by him. Will this baby make him a better man? Find out.
Can you also put a name board with Los Angeles? Thank you.


Ok I cant draw digitally so I have to back down :unamused:


Doesn’t matter!:joy:




I mean if you want me to make you some covers or if you need smth LOL