Desperate need for advice

Ok, they have videos and stuff like that, and to get this straight I am not a fan of dating a lot. Or even dating in college because it distracts from school, but there is this one person who I can’t seem to get out of my head.
We have been friends for so long now, about 5 years, and have always been there for each other, and now, since I don’t go to the same school as him, I feel like everything reminds me of him.
And I am not boy crazy.
My friends aren’t all that fond of him. I mean, one of them had a ship name for us, but to me it felt weird to even say it.
I can’t figure out how I even like this person.
I mean, I like them as a friend, they feel like my brother, but recently I had a dream when he asked me if I wanted to be something more.
And If he really does ask me that, what in the world would I say? I don’t want to hurt him.
I’m also scared that if I do actually like him in the way that I have a crush, what if he doesn’t like me back? What if me asking him or telling him that I like him breaks our friendship?
Because honestly, he’s been a great friend. He’s someone I go whenever I need to rant, he’s been there and has honestly been like a brother.
But then if I do find out I like him, what if it feels like I’m just dating my brother?

Please, please, please help me. Any advice you have would be so nice and I would be so grateful.


Thank you. But that is exactly my problem. I don’t know what would be best. And I really like having him as my friend and want to always have him as my friend.

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Thank you.

Do you want to be friends? Because I’m kind of thinking you’re a really nice person

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Awesome! You’re also like my only friend here
And if you have any stories you’ve made I’d be happy to read them.

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Wassup I was summoned :blush::joy:


@BerryGoodGem554 welcome to the forums if you’re new! I’m chocolate mama but you can call me Choco! I’d be happy to get to know you more just pm me anytime. I’m pretty much around the forums a lot and I’m crazy, a forum mother, and like to bake people here :joy: also I read your thing up there and if you’re really nervous at looking at that dude as a brother but you may like him really take your time. I said the same thing. Well I looked at him as a best friend and now me and him are dating :joy: just really dig deep in your heart.


Aww, that’s sweet, @AnimeOtome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@BerryGoodGem554, if you’re still looking for advice then I’ll always tell you to go for it, we only live once. You’ll never know if you don’t at least try. In saying that, make sure it feels right. If he does ask and you agree, then make sure you both agree to keep your friendship first and always be honest. Make sure you both agree that if one of you feels weird then it’s okay to pull the plug and go back to being great mates. You definitely don’t want to ruin a friendship. Remember that friends are worth more than lust. :wink:


Hello Berry! Welcome!
My advice, which may not be as helpful because I am not one for relationships, is to tell him exactly what you said in the description. You like him and don’t want to hurt him. At the same time, I wouldn’t advise you to rush things. You said that you two are friends, right? Well in that case, a true friend would understand. I believe that you should explain to him the pro’s and con’s if he does indeed ask you out.
If he doesn’t and you like him, he’s missing out. Plus, an old saying goes, ‘there’s plenty of other fish in the sea’. As Cali said above, you only live once.
So, in summary, go for it. If he doesn’t like you, it’s okay and if it feels weird, explain that to him. Some things work, and others don’t. Don’t let the fear of doing something dictate your life.

A side note, I would love to be a fellow forum’s friend! If you need anything, feel free to pm me.

~mariah :grin:

Thank you @AnimeOtome for tagging me and thinking of me. It warms my heart. :kissing_heart:


Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner, but I was at the limit for the amount of replies someone can do on their first day. Sorry.
Thank you all for your wonderful advice.
@riahh30 thank you for that awesome advice and I would love to be your friend.
@CrazyCaliope I will most certainly try and do that.
@Chocolate_Mama I really hope my situation can go as good as yours.
@AnimeOtome thank you for introducing me to all of these great people!


I hope for the best for you as well. And thanks :blush:

Every situation can end up differently.
For example, I was in a very similar situation:

  • I had a best friend who was male
  • All my female friends didn’t like him, except one
  • I kept dating other people, but found myself thinking about him
  • He went on dates with other girls
  • He felt like a brother

Then one night, we really opened up. Talked everything under the sun, stayed up until 6am, even got donuts the next morning.
Next thing I know, it’s six years later, we have a son and are engaged.
I, personally, am so happy I got with my best friend. He means the world to me.
We’ve been through hard times, of course, but it’s always worked out and I truly think that us being so close before dating helped.

Whatever happens, good luck, sweetie!

Thank you so so much. I really hope things turn out the way they did for you happen to me or something just as happy.

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do you gett butterflies when ure around him?
can u never loo him in the eye?
Do you feel weak around him?

Hmm, I’m not sure because I’ve never really thought of him beeing more than just my best friend, but sometimes we have eye contact for too long and I look away.

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