Desperately need an background edit for my Fantastical story entry

Hello. I have seen stories where the author had backgrounds that were edited to look like night when the original Episode background only came in day. Does anyone know how to do it or has a link to an IG account or page I can get it from? I need it very soon because I am entering the Fantastical contest and need it by the end of this week if possible. Thanks a million in advance.

Also, I may need help with a mirror reflection background if I cannot figure it out soon. I have a person to help but I may need backup if we cannot figure it out together. Thank you.

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My art group members can do it!

@ChayChay is good at it.

Hi Amani! Should I contact @ChayChay directly? I saw two Episode background and I want to change the view out of the window so it looks like night and not day. So could she do that? Thanks.


Of course! Message me your background! :wink::+1:

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Yeah definitely.

If not I can. Lol.

Thank you. Unfortunately my internet is down. I can definitely do it tomorrow as they promise it will be up tomorrow afternoon.

Sure! I’m free all the time! :+1:

Okay. I will contact @ChayChay tomorrow because my internet is down or @Episode.BriarRose.
Depends on when my internet is up. What a time for it to go :frowning:


Thank you! Do you know how to resize an overlay so it fits a space in a background, such as a mirror or tv?

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I think! I’ll try if I can see the overlay or picture you want me to change an overlay for you.

Ok. When I send you the backgrounds I need, I can send you the overlay and the background so you can see. Thanks. Sorry I didn’t clarify it is two backgrounds I need edited. Is that ok?

Of course!

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This is the first background. Can you make the city scene outside the window dark to look like night?

Here’s the second background…same thing.
Thank you.

Here’s the customized background where I want to do a mirror reflection.
I don’t know how to add the mirror overlay and make it fit.

I will be happy to help with making it look night on those 2 backgrounds for you. My phone was dead sorry

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Let me know please if you still need them…