Desperately Need Bed Backgrounds


Looking for birds eye view bed backgrounds and blanket overlays. Anyone want to help a girl out?




Thanks girl!


Whatcha got for me @Cassandra_Dean


So… what color blanket, bed spread etc


Thank you @shwetamehra :blush:


It got deleted by mistake :expressionless:


Do you want it? Should I send again?


I was looking for something for a man’s bed, so a masculine bed frame, and white pillows for. And then a generic bed with white pillows. Also 5 different color blanket overlay. (Black, navy, white and then two feminine colors)

I hope I’m not asking for too much. TIA


Yes please. She had some other stuff i can really use


For the birds eye view, it’s going to be showing some floor, so what type of flooring would you like?


Oh sorry. Can i get dark wood floor





Thanks @shwetamehra


Thanks @Cassandra_Dean




I have two sets, Boy and girl. They also include day & night Overlays, Background and Birdseye view. If you want them let me know!


Here! If I misunderstood you, let me know and I’ll fix it right away!

Blanket Overlays

Navy Blue



Pastel Blue

Bed Background
Plain White

White bedding w/ Black Blanket

Please Credit @Cassandra_Dean on the forums or Cassandra Dean on Episode!


They’re perfect. Thank you :smiley: