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In a small town of Greenvail, a war breaks out with the supernatural.
In this town there is; a hotel, Miky’s bar, a supermarket, fast food joints, a skating ring, lazertag. just a few places. Like any other town has.

3 of our days is 1 roleplay day, day 1 is morning, day 2 is afternoon, and day 3 is night

Some will have goals given in a pm, those that do not get one from me within 24hrs, you will not have one. Which means your character that doesn’t get one, you can decide their goals. If you are tagged in the wrong PM, please let me know so I can fix it and put you in the right area



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Destined signup RP/SG

you all will start in your own home in your own bedroom


I tucked a piece of raven colored hair behind my ear, blowing away my bangs in frustration. The sound of the splashing of water on the tiles rang through the bathroom, as I grabbed the clothes I was going to be wearing for today.

I quickly changed into them after my shower, blow-drying my hair. I put it up in high ponytail, looking out my window. The sun was gleaming through the cabin in long rays. I sighed, picking up my drawing pad.



Bronwyn Zatara

The sun blared my face, burning me. I roll out of the sun with a hiss, wondering why I didn’t close those blinds last night. Might as well start the day.
My curly brown hair was a mess—and I’m not motivated to do anything about it. I sigh, walking into my bathroom, flicking the light on. My mirror showed no sign of me being there. I sigh once again, running a comb through my hair, throwing in some products before walking back into my room.
I change into a simple black t-shirt with a black jacket and some regular jeans. I put on some sunglasses and a hat before walking out into the loft.
I speed down the stairs and into the outdoors. The disgusting, sunny outdoors.