Destined signup RP/SG


You can have up to 4 people to play as. Still some openings that needs to be filled. Those that have asked for reserves, please get them in, otherwise those spots will be opened up to others again.


@KQUEEN @Forever1201 @Madilnel @Skyzor @_Nasia @SinaoMua @Caticorn @Zabica @Daisy_Flower1 @Kate_Potter @Ms.Kate
I don’t know if any of you would be interested but I figured I’d tag y’all so y’all can see.


Sorry school and being grounded are making me limited edition for these new RPs that I long for :frowning:


Can I reserve for the vampire gang leader and another vampire


Yes you may.


Reserve the leader werewolf guy


Will do.


Welcome back Jess


would you allow one more witch?


I will.


thank you :slight_smile:


@wildstyle103 & @Skyzor
Are you two still planning on joining as a witch/warlock?


I’m so excited your back!! Yay!!!


SUBMITTED!!! finally


Austin and Jonathon look like they could be twins!


I love the background story!


@ChayChay CAN we please have a plot twist where they are actually bros!!!


Yaaasssssss babe they are twins!!!




Are you still interested in joining?