Destined signup RP/SG








Ok so we still have lots of room for others to join but until than, DO YOU those that have already joined want to just start or wait?

  • Let’s start this roleplay!
  • Let’s wait for others to join!

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Sorry for the delay everyone, but I will be getting this RP started here pretty soon. Will be sending out pms to everyone about their weaknesses, strengths, and goals/agendas. Stay tune


Can I change Ren’s FC to this?



Yes you may, will be updated soon


Yay!!! Thanks wifey…


Fun fact my home town, when I’m not at college, is in South Dakota


Great area to be in. Lived there for about 2ish years


Hi @lilysmith10! I submitted a form!:smile::smile:

Here is Amora’s FC:



I will add you into the FaceClaim soon, but until than, you can go ahead and join the rp, the link is below

Link to the rp

Destined Actual RolePlay