Destroyed Eden: Reborn {RP/SG} (Sign Ups!) [Open]


Description:In an alternate world where America is replaced by Eon—and Eden, a program that kills anyone 18 or older: the three Alliances, known to have been around for years, have finally started their first major war. With a two week long war—who will survive, and who will perish?


  1. Create up to only two characters.
  2. By signing up onto this RP, you freely agree to let me use your character—and agree to letting me kill of the character; if circumstances are right.
  3. Avoid having the same names/or faces of other characters
  4. Please no “perfect” characters.

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In the year 2034, a chemical was released in the food supply in America that caused a genetic mutation in humans—in people under 18; the results were miracles, powers for comics and TV shows. But people over 18, developed deadly powers that had the capability to erase humans of the face of the earth.

By 2042, the government had created a machine that hunted, and killed anyone over 18. And by 2043, the last person over 18 was killed. Since then the three Alliances has formed.

As well as groups of 3-4 teens/kids that survive out in the destroyed cities. Once 2054 had passed, a machine had finished building a wall around America. By this time, people were being killed every other day, with many being born.

Reserves last for 3 days

Unlike other RP’s or SG’s, I like to say that this is more of a “choose your own outcome guide. Example:

Jamie looked at Cat, a red spot no larger than a dime had started to spread across his chest. Cat grimly smiled, “I guess it’s my time to go.”

“No—“ Jamie cried, she ran forward to her friend, tears welling in her eyes. “Don’t leave me!”

“Jamie,” Cat said, she winced as Jamie put her arms around her, pulling her into a hug. “It’s time for me to go.”

• 1. Leave cat to die peacefully
• 2. Refuse and take her to base

Depending on the circumstances Cat could either die, or Cat could live, but live the rest of her life in pain until the wars are over.

Reserves for;
@Kate_Potter 1 male and 1 Female
@Mimi0829 1 male
@Skyye 1 female
@UltimaW 1 female


Is this an RP or and SG?


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Sorry but, can I ask how you can mix SG with RP? :thinking: Curiosity took over me I apologize


Ok… so i guess we make the description but we have to make polls to develop it and make choices lf how the char should act I guess?


This is both a mix of both, Ill give you an example.


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Just reminding people to sign up their characters—

@Kate_Potter 2 characters: 1 G, 1 B
@Mimi0829: 1 B
@Skyye and @UltimaW both: 1 G


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@K_mren I dont really get what you mean by “Coldhearth” and “Corehearth” Ik their traders and the truth but what do they do through out the rp/sg?


it gives a desciption about each


Sorry I didnt see it until I filled it out :slight_smile:


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