Destroyed Eden: Reborn {RP/SG} (Sign Ups!) [Open]


I’ll PM you.


can I only sign up girl?


You can sign up either gender. But a majority of the sign ups are getting are girls.


Ok then I’ll do a boy


Just reminding people to sign up! Bump!


Did I sign up?


I signed up😊


@Mimi9829 Yes.
@Forever1201 Thanks, can’t wait to start the RP and see you all play!



Reserve for a female

Edit: I signed up




I’ll put it up. Sorry. School is doing this


Hey, Anyoen wondering where @K_mren went she basically got grounded so just wait.


Can I change my FC to this?




She’s still grounded :triumph:




Hey guys. I’m sorry😞 but I can’t continue I have no time with only 2 hours since I’m grounded for the rest of the year.

Sorry for being such a letdown. But I can’t continue. Thanks for the support anyways, and hope you best luck in your following RP’s and SG’s!