Destructive Minds 2 Forum Game! 🧠

Ello! This is a game I made on another place, so I’m also starting it here as wells

THIQQ DISCLAIMER: The former Destructive Minds on here got taken down because the replies weren’t fit to be monetized, if you catch my drift. Try not to be too inappropriate.

Hillo, your friendly neighborhood slightly cannabalistic TheTalkingLlamma here. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

•Psst. Pssst! There’s this other game by @Danielle318 that needs new players! Go check it out! Find the Knife [GAME, OPEN] *GAME 4 SIGNUPS*

This is a pretty simple game. The first person (me) will start off with a normal sentence and then the second person (replier) will corrupt it some how (not that way you refrigerators) or just finish it off in anyway that is not normal.


 It would look somewhat like this:

Me ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_:
“Apples are nice—”

“—to clobber kids on the head before kidnapping them.”

“Thomas the tank Engine is here to—”

Bob the Builder Thomas Herrington the 3rd:

“—run over the pedestrians of the Cotton Candy fields as the oompalumpas watch in horror.”

“Sea salt is to normal salt as chairs are to—”

And so on.


I’ll start off, if anyone replies…

“Oranges are to apples as—”

If you’re still confused

Note: After you type the continuation of this sentence you should also leave a beginner sentence for the next one, for example, if you’re replying to me, it would be:

insert your ending here

“Doors are best made when they are—”

Note that the sentence above is an EXAMPLE for how this game is formatted.


“—one is easier to mash.”

“Dynamite is pleasant because—”


“—It makes a pleasant alarm clock with the screams of the innocent.”

“Wow, that pond really looks—”


“-clean with all those fresh bodies rising up.”

“I love eating fruit-”


“with Soy Sauce.”

“Uh…there is a guy hugging a—”


“—deranged oompalumpa, it’s eyes filled with rage and deceit for humanity.”

“My all time favorite food is—”


“There once was a man named Stan who liked to—”

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“—submit himself to the devil, and embrace his wild side of collecting bedazzled skulls.”

“It’s a beautiful day in the—”


“Place where everyone goes up.”

“There once was a man named Hotdog who—”

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“Sold himself to a hot dog stand”

“I love to read books—”


“Where someone dies mysteriously.”
“I love to—”

Stare at Danielle318 :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :yum: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

“Who would give a child-”

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“—a flaming chainsaw, which they used to dismember Chad McDuckingtin the 3rd?!”

“Wow, what a nice—”

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“—way to carve a pumpkin. Reminds me of the decapitated head of the oompa loompa in my basement” @TheTalkingLlamma (you inspired me :rofl:)

“It’s too rainy to-”

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“—dispose of this body, it will decompose to quickly.”

“I never knew you were so good at—”

“—grinding all of that special mysterious meat with your feet.”

“I hate doing—“

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All of this work just to hide his dead body .

“I can’t believe he let you-”

“…take his sleep paralysis demon out for a walk.”

"Hey, has anyone seen–

“-my pet cockroach, I think someone ate it”
“my teacher likes to-”