Destructive Minds 2 Forum Game! 🧠

“—get paid for mentally abusing children”
“would you like a cup of—“

“-fresh human blood?”

“This painting is really nice, it was made with-”

“-my parents’ blood”
“I like milk with-”

“-juiced human organs”

“I believe if we walk-”

“—tiny elves are slowly stealing the soles of our feet to make their ogre lord happy”
“I drink water for the sake of—“

“— my imaginary best friend that follows me everywhere :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
“I believe that my dad is asleep because —”

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-he got tired after having some fun in bed. :wink:

“I thought he didn’t like me back, but today my crush confessed his feelings for me by showing me—“

“-that our DNA is an 80% match!”

“My pet dog ate-”


-my mom.

“I really hate it when people have the nerve to shove-“

" – my toothbrush trough my neighbour’s window"
" I thought I was dreaming, but turns out – "

“- it was actually happening in another dimension”

“I wish I had a dog. My last one- “

“…got eaten by my mother.”

“I remember when my crush and I…”

“… shared our first human wagyu program together”

“I really like the number 5 because—“

“…that’s how many children I eat for lunch☺️.”

“I love my room. It’s…”


“… decorated with all of the bodies I killed :heart_eyes:
“I never leave my house…”

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“… untill I make sure that all of the bodies are well hidden”.

“They felt it was the right moment to come in…”


“… when they heard my dead cat calling for help”

“I normally go for a walk, but today…”


“…I decided to take my rat for a run.”

“I woke up terrified and realised that…”


“…all my bodies have been stolen.”

“My favorite birthday present was…”

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“…an adorable pink crocodile that LOVES eating humans.”

“When I was in school today…”