Detail Card art shop! (OPEN)FREE

Hi there! :wave:t4: This is my first time making an art shop for specifically detail cards. I really hope you like my work and request one! All you have to do I give me one of the poses episode provides and your character details! Don’t forget to tell mw what kind of background and writing you would like! Hope you you request!


I’ll take three requests at a time!

  1. @Faz.S (3 detail cards)

My details

Body Type-Female Athletic
Skin-Neutral 04
Hair- Wavy Blowout (jet black)
Brows- arched thick (jet black)
nose-defined natural
mouth-full heart pouty
face shape- diamond

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Matte red liptick :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

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VALENTIA details
Body-female athletic
skin(copper 02)
Hair- Wavy Blowout (dirty blonde)
Brows- arched thick (chestnut brown)
nose-defined natural
mouth-full heart pouty (matte deep red)
face shape- diamond

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What kind of background would you like?

Any kind of bokeh background will be fine

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I also need one more

Skin-rose 04
Hair- Messy Undercut (jet black)
Brows- arched medium (jet black)
Eyes-narrow almond deep smiling(green emerald)
nose-straight pointed
mouth-full heart natural (neutral medium nude gloss)
face shape- chiseled square stubble shaved

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would you like the same kind of background for all 3 detail cards?

yes please

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Great! All three should be done by tomorrow.

Thank you so much :blush: :blush:

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Np! I already have the backgrounds and your characters made. I’ll do the editing tomorrow.

I’m not sure what you like so here are your background options. please pick 3



7 is what i want. Can I get those on all of them?

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What do you mean?

Background 7 is the one I want for all of them

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Ok. It’s my dads birthday so I was very busy, but I promise I will have them done tomorrow.

No problem, Thank you so much.

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Your detail cards are all done!

IMG_3808 IMG_3809