Detailed Cover Artist needed!

Hi there! I am looking for a cover artist or anyone who knows where I can find an artist, who can do me a detailed/drawn art for a small cover for my story I am writing. Its a bit tricky as I need a close up of the main character holding a certain flower.
Thank you x

Is it Limelight or Ink?

I can do it for you!

Ink :blush:

Here’s the link to my art thread if you would like to request!

I’d love to help out- all my examples are on this thread!

Here are examples

I can give more I just need to get them to load onto my computer.

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There amazing! :heart_eyes:
Can I request from you please? :blush:

Yeah sure. Can I have your details please?

Of course will I write them here or message you :grinning: ?

Whatever you like. It doesn’t bother me.

Ok :blush:
Can you have a close up of my main character holding a Purple hyacinth flower with a serious/angry expression.
Can I also get the slit in his eyebrow and if you can him with abs. If you can’t do abs dont worry just put him in the Black Plain Suit Shirt and Tie with the lady rose tattoo. Or you can play around with it how ever you like I don’t mind at all. Its a dark story so if you could put him in black background that would be great. :grin:
I hope I gave you everything you need. Thank you so much :heart_eyes:

Here is how I imaged him :laughing:
Skin : Honey
Eyebrows: Thin Arched
Hair: Modern Pompador Colour: black
Eyes: Deepset piercing Colour: Blue
Face: Chiseled square
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven Colour: terracotta

Can I get a screen shot/ picture of the character

Is this picture ok?

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Thanks. I’ll get started.

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Can I have the cover name and the Author name.
Also here’s a peek at the cover. Now’s your chance change anything.



I love it! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Cover name: Beneath the Beauty
Author name: Miss Fiery :grin:

Here’s the cover. The second is just what I got a little adventurous on. Choose whichever


I love them! :heart_eyes: Thank you so much, I will use both of them :grin:

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