Detectives and Spies (Official Roleplay Thread)


Detectives and Spies.

Vidamaine High School. the school hidden in the center of the forest, only students who got invited and their parents know about this. But the question is… why is it hidden? Well, Vidamaine is not your typical high school. This school only accepts and invites students who are academically perfect. They students here are called ‘Detectives and Spies’. The school where students learn and work and are paid. The school so strict that they had to build their own buildings.

Detectives. the detectives are trained to solve crime mysteries faster than any normal investigators. Years aren’t in their vocabulary, in fact, solving mysteries only take them about a week, or even a only days.

Spies. the spies are trained to take undercover and collect information from other territories. Everyone wants to be a spy for one good reason, to be able to get out of their territory and discover some new places.

You are invited to this school, will you accept it or not? The best option is: yes. I guarantee you, if you turn down our invitation, you’ll regret it someday.

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It’s the first day in Vidamaine High, and students are just early to get in time for the dear headmistress’ very short speech. Welcome, young detectives and spies, please proceed to the court for our headmistress’ little speech.

The Headmistress climbs up the stage and stands up at the center in front of everyone. She clears her throat, “Welcome, students of Vidamaine. I am glad many of you have accepted our invitation.”

“I am Aldreanna Perssie, your headmistress.” she introduces herself, “I’ll tell you this today, I am very strict to the rules and impatient. So if I ever call you to the office, please head there immediately.” she tries to get her voice calmer so that the students would be terrified on the first day. But she sees that some of them are, so she smiles.

“If you have noticed, on your envelope is a key with a engraved to it, that is your dorm key. As you know, there are gonna be two students joining in one room. Do I need to remind you that the dorms for the spies and detectives are separated?” she adds.

“It may have been a long journey, my dear students. So why don’t you head to your respective dorm rooms? You will have this day free to what you wish to do.”

“One more thing before I end this thing, I will have some group of students to come to Miss J’s classroom, and test their intelligence. Do not worry, it will be just some riddles and logics. You can consider it an entrance exam that’s not gonna decide whether you’re accepted or not.”

The Headmistress smiles once more and bids goodbye to the students, after that she walks down the stage and heads to her own office.

Dorm Partners:

D1 - Andre Samson and Ace Mendeleeve
D2 - Mason Crean and Brendon Dale
D3 - Kate Sy and Hansa Night
D4 - Lysander Hull and Enrique Dazz
D5 - Dante and Chemex Maxwell Dupont
D6 - Bryanna Dale (no roommate yet)
D7 - Evan Coldwick (no roommate yet)

S1 - Jack and Chadel Rave Astivas
S2 - Coco Martin and Megan Redmaine
S3 - Elise Chelnaut and Alanna Grace Perssie
S4 - Rosita Cae-Belle and Khaleesi Grendel
S5 - Roxanne and Kristine Nguyen
S6 - Lucifer Reynolds (no roommate yet)
S7 - Bianca Kent (no roommate yet)

Please do remember your dorm numbers!

(You can start roleplaying now)


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~ Hansa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hansa felt the pressure of being in the room, and steps outside to deep brief herself. You can do this she assures herself, You can do this

ORP : Approachable

~ Luci ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Luci wondered if he was even in the correct room when everyone kept on bumping into him, how rude, but alas it appeared he was going to be invisible once again for the rest of his year (and perhaps this was a sign that he was going to be invisible for the rest of his life) Luci turned to face the last person that bumped into him.

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Can you add me to this?


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“Oh dang my bad.” I looked up once I bumped into someone.”I’m sorry man I really need to stop texting and walking.”
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~ Luci ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Luci looks at her, not sure what to say. His first words wanted to be ‘You can see me?’ but that was, very unusual, and he didn’t want to be unusual. “No worries friend, who were you texting?” and that doesn’t sound creepy at all.


I smile.”Just my dad he’s hoping that I made it safely here.”



I stretched out my body before lying down the bed. Ahh… the exhaustion.

I wonder who my roommate is, though. I can’t wait.

I sighed, might as well roam around the school, I heard there’s a funny fountain statue between the classroom buildings.

I tied my hair into a lazy bun and headed for the outside.

ORP: Approachable


Finally, to the destination. Students here are intelligent, aren’t they? Let’s see if they can escape the charming Chad.

I sat on a bench in front of the funny fountain and opened my cellphone. Thank God, cellphones are allowed here.

ORP: Approachable


Ah, fresh air…

The school is fancy and everything, but why did they even decide to build this between the trees? Are they insane?! They do think students would enjoy the sight of the forest, don’t they? Well, no.

I let my hair bounce at the wind, time to be a plastic, Kate Sy.

ORP: Approachable


After the headmistress’ speech, I headed straight to the dorms. Let’s see… D1? Of all doors, does it have to be the first?

I took a deep breath and inserted the key. I see many students are in here still, of course. It’s the first day. I was expecting they would chill outside though.

I opened the door and put my bags on my side of the room. Looks like a really comfy bed. Might as well lie on it.

ORP: Approachable by his dorm roomie.


~ Luci ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That’s nice of her dad. He wondered what it was like to recieve a text like that, as his parents were probably sleeping across the world. Who knows if they even know he is now at this school. “That’s, really cool. You have nice parents.” Luci smiles, “Are you looking forward to the school year?”


“Definitely I’ve kind of practiced for this day my whole life.” I smiled at him.”What about you?”


~ Hansa ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hansa turns and sees her roomie. Better make a friend. “Hello, you must be Kate.” Hansa holds out her hand for her to shake. “I’m Hansa.”

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~ Luci ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I’m nervous, I haven’t been preparing. I was rather surprised when I got the letter, but I do plan to try my best and not slack off. Are you a spy, or a detective in training?”



I smiled my best smile and shakes her hand, “Nice to meet you, Hansa.”