Detectives and Spies (Sign-Up Thread)


Detectives and Spies.

Vidamaine High School. the school hidden in the center of the forest, only students who got invited and their parents know about this. But the question is… why is it hidden? Well, Vidamaine is not your typical high school. This school only accepts and invites students who are academically perfect. They students here are called ‘Detectives and Spies’. The school where students learn and work and are paid. The school so strict that they had to build their own buildings.

Detectives. the detectives are trained to solve crime mysteries faster than any normal investigators. Years aren’t in their vocabulary, in fact, solving mysteries only take them about a week, or even a only days.

Spies. the spies are trained to take undercover and collect information from other territories. Everyone wants to be a spy for one good reason, to be able to get out of their territory and discover some new places.

You are invited to this school, will you accept it or not? The best option is: yes. I guarantee you, if you turn down our invitation, you’ll regret it someday.

If you are interested:

Hmm… maybe some random informations?
I have the faceclaims, y’all!
Sign-Up Form

Tagging people!!! (You voted for this RP so… :sweat_smile:)

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I made the faceclaims! Please check if I got your information right! PM me if something is wrong, thank you!

Detectives and Spies (Official Roleplay Thread)

It must be a male character ?


oh , nevermind I got it :slight_smile:


what’s the max amount of characters?


Reserve for a detective and a spy.


I’m unable to view the more info docs


Reserve for spy and detective


me too


Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll fix that if I got time. :slight_smile:

Just realuzed it wasn’t public lel.


There’s no limit. :blush:


I’ll do four then :slight_smile:
(yes, one M - Dec / F - Dec / M - Spy / F - Spy)


Sure! That’s awesome! :heart:


Reserve for a female spy :slight_smile:


You need to have two characters: male and female. :slight_smile:


Kk, then I’ll go ahead and hit up a reserve for a female spy and male detective. (Ya, I know it’s cliché hahaha, but I am a sucker for the classics stereotypes and anyone who disagrees can fight me)


temporary reserve because I’m in the kind of mood to be in a million RPs at once haha- is it alright if I do one male, one nontraditional gender (nonbinary probably, maybe genderfluid) or would you rather I do one male, one female?


I don’t know what you mean but…

The sign up form has only female and male on itm :neutral_face:


That’s awesome! I would be happy to have another detective! :grin:

The spies are greater than the detectives by 2. Lel.


Just signed up! Looking forward to it! :smiley:


Cool! Thanks! :heart: