~{Devilish responses}~ Art thread! (closed)

Hey guys! :v:

Welcome to our art thread!
We do edits. Outlines, drawings and pretty much anything :heart:!

Here are the rules

1) Respect how long it may take for some of us to complete the art
2)Be kind and polite
3)Do not advertise your own group here
4)Use the password Devils when asking for a piece
5)Do not steal our work and claim it as yours, we have worked very hard on it
6)Do not PM us about your request, any PMing will be ignored!
7)Give credit to the maker of the artwork!

Raven's Examples


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Leslie's Examples

Shortney's Examples

Clevertimes' examples

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Patrick's Examples

PropertyofNae's examples

What we prefer doing

@xepisode.ravenx ~ Profile Pictures, Outlines, Drawn Edits and Character details
@keiji ~ Splashes, Banners, Profile pictures, outlines, overlays and backgrounds
@ShortneyShadow ~ Splashes, Banners, Profile pictures, Art scenes, outlines, overlays and backgrounds
@Clevertimes ~Splashes, Profile Pictures, Banners, Character Detail Banners, Profile Backgrounds, User Card Backgrounds and Covers
@Problematic_Patrick ~Splashes, Backgrounds, Covers and sometimes Overlays
@PropertyofNae ~ Outlines,Splashes and Edits

@Clevertimes will only be accepting 3 peoples requests for now



password Devils
Hello I would like to have a background please!
so I have this story and I kinda need a dark background with a throne and fire. for a story with demons. whoever is willing to make one for me it would me great! if you need more information please ask me :sweat_smile:


@Problematic_Patrick would you be able to do this? :v:


Password: devils
I would like if i can get @ShortneyShadow to do me a splash saying “This Story contains Strong Language and Mature Themes” preferably drawn of course But with my character doing that “Shush” animation

Character Details

Preferably where is doesnt look like shes picking her nose :rofl::joy::rofl: :point_down::point_down::point_down:




I’ll try! :blush:


Hello can I request some splashes and backgrounds? Also I want to know if with the word “credits” you mean payment because I can’t afford money to pay the artists

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Credit means when you use the art piece we made you, you will shout us out and thank us.

We don’t require payment :gem:

What type of Backgrounds and splashes would you like? who would you like to make them?

Hi, so could I have a profile picture and a credit’s background? Like A background giving credit to people, but not the people I’m crediting on the actual background?
And for the profile picture can I have it done by @keiji and the background done by @Clevertimes? Thanks!
If you need anymore details you can just ask me.
Password: Devils


Well thank you very much for replying!!:kissing_heart: I would like some backgrounds ans splashes made by @ShortneyShadow!

Password: Devils
The first background I want:
-One panel
-The background has some stars and the moon in night sky ofc
The second one:
-One panel
-The Background has only flames
The third one:
-One panel
-The Background has only thunderstorms with green shadows
The fourth one:
-One panel
-The Background has only bubbles and splits of water around them in blue
The fifth one:
-One panel
-The Background has some heart shaped chaines between the colors red-orange-pink
I want the backgrounds to look powerful (except the first one that I want it normal)

The one is about music and sound warnings with the character below listening to music (for ex wearing headphones)
The second is about mature themes and strong language with the same character but this time I want her reading a book


And the last one is a mix of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th backgrounds and saying “End of Episode”
And one another with the same thing but saying “THE END”

Well, I know that I have requested many backgrounds and I don’t want to rush you or something else but I would like to make it as fast as you are able to do them look good, because I want them for the adventurous contest and I want to start the story so I can complete the story before the timeline. And something else who am I going to give credit? To the group you have or to the artist that made my backgrounds?

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You only need to give Credit to the artist who made you the edit

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Thanks!! So is my request accepted?

That’s for Shortney to decide as i’m not the one creating your edit :v:

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Okay tnx😘 Just let me know if it is accepted or not!!

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Is this ok?


yes thank you so much!

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You’re welcome! :blush::sparkling_heart:

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do I credit you by you’re forum name?

Yes :sparkling_heart:


Hello again!! Do you know if someone has taken my request? Sorry for being so annoying and rush you but I need to have them in time. So if anyone is able to make them just let me know bc I need them quick (again sorry for rushing you😣)

Details plez? :kissing_heart:

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