~{Devilish responses}~ Art thread! (closed)

Oh okay I understand if that the case do you know any other groups who also do background and are open as well?

I don’t know anyone who does backgrounds from scratch

It’s fine then thanks though

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@Problematic_Patrick might be able to do it

check out his art shop

Hello guys can i request a outline from @PropertyofNae ? Devils
Here’s the pose:
I want it in episode INK style. with the same hair and the outfit oulines. Just the face should like below.

Thank You!

Hi please can I request a cover by @Problematic_Patrick ??
Password - Devils
Cover size - Small and large
Style - Limelight
Title - The Suicide Game
Author - Lexxie AJ
Characters -
Sierra -

Sienna -

Kittie -

Nikole -

Stefen -

Background - any school hallway
Character positions - Can i have Sierra on the left hand side and facing right; Sienna also on the left hand side next to Sierra and facing right; Kittie on the left hand side in front of Sierra and Sienna but so you can still see them both and facing right; Nikole on the right hand side and facing left and finally, Stefen on the right hand side next to Nikole and facing left.
Extra Details - Can I have Kittie’s character faded like a ghost with a bloody gunshot wound overlay on her chest, the font look like it’s dripping blood and Stefen to have blood stain overlay on him.

Thank you so much.
Lexxie Ameliajade.

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Hey guys is any outline maker free?
I would love one from u guys. all of them are awesome here.

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Hey there!
Could sm1 please make me an art scene?
The male character needs to be hugging the female character, and she is hugging him back.
They also need to be wearing these exact pieces of clothing.
Here are the characters, and the outfits I need them to be wearing.
If anyone is nice enough to make me this scene, I’d like to give you a big thank you, and you will be credited.

Below is the background I need the art to be placed in:

Are you still taking requests

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I’m not quite sure

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Aww okay

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Depending on what you need I may be able to help. I’m busy rn though with school and a few other requests

I’m wanting a character edit/drawing that says to be continued. A pose like this!

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What style is it in?

Oh sorry, LL

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Sorry, I’m currently not doing art in that style.

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okay, thanks anyway!

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