~{Devilish responses}~ Art thread!

Oh okay I understand if that the case do you know any other groups who also do background and are open as well?

I don’t know anyone who does backgrounds from scratch

It’s fine then thanks though

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@Problematic_Patrick might be able to do it

check out his art shop

Hello guys can i request a outline from @PropertyofNae ? Devils
Here’s the pose:
I want it in episode INK style. with the same hair and the outfit oulines. Just the face should like below.

Thank You!

Hi please can I request a cover by @Problematic_Patrick ??
Password - Devils
Cover size - Small and large
Style - Limelight
Title - The Suicide Game
Author - Lexxie AJ
Characters -
Sierra -

Sienna -

Kittie -

Nikole -

Stefen -

Background - any school hallway
Character positions - Can i have Sierra on the left hand side and facing right; Sienna also on the left hand side next to Sierra and facing right; Kittie on the left hand side in front of Sierra and Sienna but so you can still see them both and facing right; Nikole on the right hand side and facing left and finally, Stefen on the right hand side next to Nikole and facing left.
Extra Details - Can I have Kittie’s character faded like a ghost with a bloody gunshot wound overlay on her chest, the font look like it’s dripping blood and Stefen to have blood stain overlay on him.

Thank you so much.
Lexxie Ameliajade.

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Hey guys is any outline maker free?
I would love one from u guys. all of them are awesome here.

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