Dialogue bubbles WITHOUT character's name?

Hi, I would like to know how to do dialogue bubbles (NOT narrator bubbles!) without the character’s name showing. For example a character talking but it’s a “mystery” character with a mask on, or a character who is an extra and doesn’t need a name. Please help me! Thank you!

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The character’s display name needs to be blank. You can change the display name by going to the character creation in the portal.


Hi! I just found out how to do this yesterday, basically you go to the tab on your story’s homepage where it says ‘Characters’. You click on that then find the character you want to apply no name to. When you click on that character you look at the display name section and erase the name displayed there and then save it and your character will show up with no name in your story :slight_smile:


Thank you guys so so so much!!

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This is helpful! Thanks a lot!