Dialogue from a story

Ok so for this game you need to write some dialogue or passage from either your story or something you’ve made up then the person below comments on what sort of story they think would be happening in the scene and wether they find it interesting/would read it if it was a story for example

(Made up/ not from a story I have written)
I saw a movement from the corner of my eye. It was very clear I wasn’t alone after all… another glimpse this time faster was there 2 or was I being preyed up on? I grabbed hold of my crucifix, lit a candle and knelt down and preyed. Preyed that the Heavenly Father would protect me from the evil trying to attack

So now whoever replies has to answer the following

What is happening eg
This makes me think that the character blah blah blah. In the scene I imagine (set the scene) to me it indicates a (genre) and then say wether you think it’s interesting or not.

So whoever replies next would reply to the passage above with their thoughts , write their own and then the person below them would do the same to the last reply.


And there the Angel was… Pretty as always… On her side was Raphael another Angel. He was wearing a war-suit with a lot of crucifixes…