Dialogue help! (For new story)


Hi everyone! I am currently writing a story and I need some help coming up with dialogue.
The the story line for the scene: MC and BFF are running for president. MC & BFF are going against each. MC wants to win no matter what. MC goes over to BFF’s house and accidentally takes diary (the diary is the same color as her notebook) she reads her deepest secrets (secret; Her parents are getting a divorce and her mom is going from guy to guy & she has crush on an attractive nerd) MC uses secrets to get ahead. BFF Chickens out of the election right before MC says her secrets. When MC wins BFF finds out from others that she used used her secrets to get ahead. when MC wins, BFF finds out from others that she used used her secrets to get ahead. MC and BFF slowly drift apart due to the fact MC embarrassed BFF


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Here is some of the dialogue me & @queenkhadijah999 came up with


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Do have any ideas for the election scene??


Hm, I’ll go think about it. :thinking:


You could just add dialogue about how the BFF is nervous and the MC is confident and stuff.


Initial scene can be them discussing about distributing some pamphlets for charity function they have organized. They are best friends with the same dream of doing well for the society. They do flashbacks to how they met, how they actually got into this doing good for society thing. They are happy that good deed brought them together.

A little scene of charity events this and that.

May be make BFF good at everything she does, tactful smart. MC is a little pissed at it but still admires her a lot.
Make MC kind and generous.
Two of them working together, the combination of kindness and tactfulness leads them to success and recognition
Then it gets to presidency, and both of them wants to apply for the position.
Now is the point bitterness starts.
A little fighting scene but they reconcile and agree to both apply for position and be okay with whoever wins it. They are BFFs after all.
But easier said than done, the power play gets in both of their head.
Add a series of small events of them betraying each other before they get to the diary scene. Make those betrayals professional and tactic and nothing unethical.
Using personal stuff to gain leverage is huge and unethical, don’t make it happen too soon in the story.
The MC uses it as last resort when she finds out BFF is going to win.
But show that she is really hurt to have done that.
Stuffs like that may be. I know you wanted actual dialogues but you can draw some ideas from this 


Thank you so much these are very good ideas. Can you give me some examples of the betrayals that MC & BFF do to each other?


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