DIALOGUE HELP: Friend Conversation Topics

I find it a common occurrence that when people write stories and try to have a dialogue between friends, it seems unnatural. You read a scene and think hey that doesn’t seem like something you would say to a friend. Think about it, how often with friends do you speak in long, fancy sentences that are incredibly deep? I’m assuming not on the regular. When you interact with friends you talk about what you did yesterday, inside jokes, what guy/girl you’re talking to, what you’re going to do in the weekend, plans you have, dumb@ss jokes and conversations that mean nothing, about your so-called plans to drop out and become a stripper cause this school work is too hard If you haven’t even thought about it, where do you go to school? cause I’m moving!, your hopes of making it onto the basketball team, the next time you’re going to hang out, etc.

So let’s all help each other out as writers and readers. What are conversations you would typically expect friends to have?


I normally talk with friends about shows that any of us have seen recently (or games played, or music listened to…), current events, and anything interesting that happened to them recently or that they’re planning to do soon (like making cupcakes or going to see a movie).

I always have the hardest time trying to come up with conversations that I would want to see as a reader for my story–I think that inside jokes don’t work well because they require shared knowledge and lose most of their humor unless the joke was started earlier and the time was shown and it was actually funny (I suck at writing jokes though, so this could be a me thing).
I’m interested to see (and definitely not get inspiration or steal ideas) what other people talk about.


I need this for real life, I’m horrible at conversations

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Fricking mood

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I don’t really have friends XD