Dialogue Help (LL) PLEASE HELP

this is from the foreshadow scene of my story Soulmates: The Alpha & The Hybrid Witch
i need help making this a little more interesting to you as readers

basically Arianna is a half werewolf & half witch
she finds out her mate is her first love who returns home after three years away he left after her parents were murdered by bad wolves but hes not alone he has a girlfriend

can you help with this scene dialogue

I always dreamed of finding my soul mate.
The one who completes me.
The one who loves me unconditionally.
The one who protects me with his life.

Is it a dialogue betweeen charactets or a narrator?

narrator but cant mention anything about the future events

Does the character believe destiny and soulmate stuff, or is she cynical about it?

her parents were soulmates so she was raised to believe in them she wants to find hers

That’s good, maybe she could say something about that! Maybe something like:
I always dreamed about a big love story.
About a soulmate.
Someone that’ll me love unconditionally, someone that would put their own life on the line to protect mine, and I’d do the exact same thing for them.
The person that only our bodies are new to each other,
since our souls knew one another from the moment we were born.

Replace the singular they with the LI’s pronouns and mess with it a bit; it’s just a start.
And don’t forget to enjoy the process cause dialogue and narrator text are fun!

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