Dialogue Story Prompts Game

Hey everybody.

If you’ve ever heard of writing prompts, this is similar to that. But instead of a direct promt, with a dialogue prompt, all you have to go off of is two or so lines of dialogue. So the story has a better chance of going in any direction.

Now that I’ve explained this…

Here’s how to play…

I’m going to write a few lines of dialogue, and the person who replies has to write a story based off of that dialogue (preferably at least a paragraph).

After writing that, they have to leave a couple of new lines of dialogue under their story for the next person to write off of.

(They don’t have to be connected to the story you wrote, but they can if you’d like them to be.)

I’ll give out the first dialogue promt.

The Prompt

Character 2 “Why is there a chipped sword on top of the piano?”

Character 1 “Um…I had a run in with a troll king.”

Character 2 “You do realize this is Central New York, right?”

(I got that promt from This Pinterest post, by the way.

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Since these stories are going to be long and we’ll be doing this for a while I’m just gonna say that I’m doing this prompt. :rofl:
Lol, while people are waiting I’m just gonna come up with the next prompt.

Character 1 And it all ended… With one hotdog.
Character 2 Would you quit narrating people’s lives?!

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Yup, Im lost with your game, that’s when you have poor comprehension skills