Dialogue without a character

Hello everyone I’m still pretty new here, but I’ve been writing a story and I am literally stuck. I can’t figure out how to just make an empty box so basically I want someone to say something but I don’t want the character to pop up. I want to say------ Month after month passed and I moved on slowly it was hard. I was angry all the while plotting my revenge.------ like how can I do that. I hope it makes sense. I tried creating a character without a name but the character still comes up on the screen. I want them to talk with no name so a dialogue box for narrating but with no name,

Text here


Text here

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Okay I’m going to try that now.

OMG!!! It worked thank you so much :star_struck:

No problem! :smiley:

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What about making the character pop up and not talk with lips but just a box pop up
E.g deep down I knew I hurt him bla bla bla
But in a box

you can use ( )
NAME (animation)
(Deep down I knew…)

CHARACTER (animation)
(Deep Down I knew I hurt him)