Diamonds art shop! (FREE and CLOSED) e.g. art scenes πŸ”’

I have closed this art shop and I am going to open a new one
And @PrincessAnu you are still hired

I do shoutouts on stories, reviews, art scenes, character cards, art cover and account shoutouts!

When I do a shoutout or a review I’ll post it on my instagram what is

I do shoutouts on stories, reviews, character cards, account shoutouts

@PrincessAnu does art scenes and art covers
She can take only 3 requests at a time and she’ll send you it on here or on instagram

Examples of art scenes and art covers

And if it’s a character card I’ll send the character card to you on instagram but if you don’t have instagram I will message you here

Examples-character cards

Each one has it’s only little style

Here is the link if you want one e.g review or a art scene

Here is the hiring link

And you can check out my story Love Me Again if u want!

Message below saying you filled in any of the forms


Can you put in some examples please?

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The character cards or everything

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Just the character cards please

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I have filled ur hiring form

You didn’t fill in the hiring one you filled in the other
The 2nd link is the hiring so can you fill that in please :heart:

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Oo sorry dear

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Don’t worry about it :joy:


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Message you on instagram

I just filled out the art cover form! Who can I send the reference pictures to and my characters details?

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Send them to me and then I’ll send it to the person who will do the art cover please
And my Instagram is @ellenepisodexoxo
Then once it’s done she’ll send it to you on Instagram or here

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Ok thank you so much for this.

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When will you send the details

It won’t let me send you them

I will follow you

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I filled in the review form!

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The review will be posted on my Instagram @ellenepisodexoxo and it should be done by tomorrow or today

Hello I would like to leave this shop!