Diamonds free help ease

Hi can anyone help I’m in the need of diamonds and done have any way to get them please help me - I really need them ,this would make my day :star_struck:

you mean by diamond choices?


I’m sorry I’m a bit confused (I’m dyslexic so need thinks broken down a bit)

Its okay, I like watching people eat ice LOL

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So what did you mean

43%20PM Gem choices like this

A good way to make diamonds quickly is to play the first episode of Episode’s official stories! It’s free and you might discover another story you like.

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bro i was already helping omg.


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More than one user can help. Thanks to everyone for the assist!

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i know but like i was helping, but then somebody else helps and then takes all the credit

Ok? Credit doesn’t and shouldn’t matter when attempting to perform a good and selfless act :slight_smile:


its okay i know you were helping . :smile:

Yes that’s what I’m meaning I have one,that’s got 35 diamonds ,I only have 15 and u really don’t want to skip it

And also I have opened the first chapter of all eppisode story’s

Try replaying them again.


I would but its difficult too

so like you have 15 diamonds or 35

I have 15

I need 35