Diamonds Helpers Art Thread (OPEN)

Hey everyone, Welcome. :hugs:

We are the Diamonds Helpers. Welcome to our official art thread. We are a group of members that love to help out community with your story needs. We do banners, art scene, outline, covers, splashes, and character edits. In order for this to be a safe-loving free drama zone, please read the rules. Thanks :gem:


Please be mature when you are requesting.

Please do not request on other threads for the same things. We work hard on your request and we don’t it to be thrown away.

**DON’T BE RUDE. It’s not cool. **


Please give credit. We work hard to make your request perfect.


Treat others with request

No sharing passwords outside the perimeter of our thread.

If you have any issue with your finishing product please ask nicely.

You have up too three redos.

Password Diamonds



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To request please fill out the Form

After you submit your request please reply Submit and the password

We are accepting members who would like to join, if you would please said I would like to join

Also if you are requesting for a art scene or Character edit please reply below what you want and the style.

Stay Diamond :gem:


Yeah of course! What’s your Instagram so I can add you to the group chat

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Yes, I did.

Can I join?
Name: Prashansa (Shana)
Artwork. I also do covers but Im not on my computer. :blush:

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Of course, what’s your Instagram so I can add you to the group chat


Can someone help me with this car overlay? I was wondering if anyone can take away the background in the windows to make an overlay. If you can do that, that’ll be amazing! Thank you! :sweat_smile:

This is the photo:

Hey! lmao

Thanks! Love the name! :joy:

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What do you need the overlay of?

I need the windows to be “empty” so that you can see through them. This is the picture again.

Okay I’ll get it done in 10-30 mins.

Thank you!!!

Here it is. I didn’t resize it. So tell me if you want it resized.


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What art scene do you need

sorry for some reason it didn’t post…
Hi guys I need an art scene making for my story in ink style
Male - body: tan, brow: thin arch, hair: socal flip chestnut, eyes: classic round blue, face: defined triangle, nose: button, lips: classic terracotta
Female - body: tan, brow: defined natural, hair: dancer bun black, eyes: upturned luxe purple, face: soft heart, nose: soft natural, lips: classic Bordeaux
I need them to be riding on this motorbike the male at the front with the female holding the male with a city type backgroundpv1_back_MOTORCYCLE_5675267779461120_3592da95ca2fdccd25a90770158ac089
please help if you can!!! I need this ASAP if possible.

I’ll see what I can do

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Thank you

It’s okay! Thank you!

Hi there!! So, I dont know if you’re allowed to pick a certain artist but If so, I would like @xetic to draw my scene. I just really like their style and the way they colour!

Make her pose be over the shoulder.
Like this:

Name: Bella
Skintone: Olive
Brows: Seductive arch
Hair: Beach Wave Hair in Passion Fruit
Eyes: Upturned Feline in Green
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full round in orange crush

If its not too much effort, you can create your own outfit! Just make it edgy but girly at the same time.
If you need any more info, lemme know!!

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