Diamonds Helpers Art Thread (OPEN)

What type of background

It doesn’t really matter who

I want the same background in the picture just with my characters

Okay I saw all of the art stuff and I really liked yours can you do it and this is probably late but I didn’t know where I was supposed to use the password at

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Okay thanks!

Could anyone help me it wouldn’t take long?

Thank you so much! All of the information is in that linked post.

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You don’t need to cut the character out at all I just need the photo lol but it’s alright thank you so much for the help.

Who? I requested a small from someone else and a large from you
I requested two different cover sizes so I can use them both.

So sorry I didn’t know and okay. I just didn’t want to ask you guys to do 2 covers I didn’t mean to disrespect you.

Yes please and you can still do it if you want/dont mind

Im slow. To you doing both covers i’ll put the request on here and delete it from the others thread

Authors Name: Mysterious_Episode

Title: New York Mafia

Description: Kai is taking over and so is Camilla. What happens when he finds out his new lover is the leader of the opposing gang


Body: Tan
Brow: Medium Sharp
Hair: Short Cropped Hair (Charcoal)
Eyes: Deepset Piercing (Purple)
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth: Uneven (Terracotta)
Outfit: Ripped Punk Pants, Black Plain Suit Shirt and Tie, Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade), Black Hipster High Top Sneakers


Body: Caramel
Brow: Medium Angled
Hair: Fishtail Braid (Black)
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Hickory)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic (Scarlet)
Outfit: Skater Gray Ripped Shorts, White Tank Racer Back, Black Beach Day Skater Shoes

Mood: Action/Dangerous/Romance (I think that’s what you mean
Size: Small


Can they pose like this but the girl and guy switch place and holding actual guns.


If your not one of our artists, please do not come on here and say you can help. It is not very appreciated in the community for people to come into threads and try to take requests. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Now please take out your comment. :blush:

Sorry, won’t do it again

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It’s fine, just don’t do it again please. :heart:

But soon I will be a member, I’m working on my examples then I’ll post them here and become a member😂

I actually don’t know if were still excepting, the owner has not been on in a while.

Hey girl do you think you can do the art scene at the top. If you have time, it has the motorcycle on it