Diamonds Helpers Art Thread (OPEN)

Sorry, won’t do it again

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It’s fine, just don’t do it again please. :heart:

But soon I will be a member, I’m working on my examples then I’ll post them here and become a member😂

I actually don’t know if were still excepting, the owner has not been on in a while.

Hey girl do you think you can do the art scene at the top. If you have time, it has the motorcycle on it

Can’t you do it? No offense, just a question. I just lately have not been doing art, I’m experimenting.


Does anyone know a Physics Classroom background?

I’d like to have one that looks it’s been taken from the Episode background…


Hey :sparkles:
May I request?

Hey please can I join your shop? I can send examples if you do want me to join.

Oof examples

Can I join, I do bangrounds, Edits etc

Hi, Can I join ur group? Here’s one of my examples


Pls do not steal.I work hard on this

Hey I need to request a cover for my story the girl in the woods the style : ink
I am new to the whole thing so please help me