Dicussion: how can a story impress you?

I mean mini games what changes story
Mini games or Visual cc

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Yeah, but it does nothing to the plot. It’s kinda useless in my opinion.


I like advanced stories or
Mafia stories :joy:

Oh girl, you’re missing out a lot of amazing stories just by paying attention to a minigame that adds nothing to the plot. :no_mouth:

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Exactly. :no_mouth:

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I actually write more than I read :joy:

Idk my mini game changes storyline …
So it is’t pointless :joy:

That’s great. :thinking:The point is that mini-games are not necessary in order to create an impressive plot. :no_mouth: It’s unfair to add a story to your hate list just because it doesn’t have a game.

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oh I saw you guys talked about visual CC. What is that?

I’m super late with this, but i can tell whether or not if a story has we’ll effort into it through their dialogue, directing, and how each action will affect another.
To catch my attention, I think the syntax and choice of rhetorical nodes matter to me. Sorry if I sound like im speaking from an English class, but I don’t want to read a story where they immediately go into the history, flashbacks, and everything there is to know about the main character all in the beginning of the episode. You don’t see in movies that they do that. I love to get to know characters through their choice of words, how they react to certain situations, and if there were flashbacks, then I’d like to know how that flashback correlates to a certain scenario. It’s more interesting that way, AND it doesn’t immediately bore the reader. Dialogue also helps the audience become more attached to the characters. For example, if you include a dramatic scene in episode 1, your audience most likely won’t feel the drama. however, once you’ve developed your character, and somehow in episode 20 you add a dramatic scene, your audience will more likely react in a sad way alone with the scene.
Honestly, basic or not, as long as I don’t see errors and the plot is okay, I’m interested. However, advanced directing does tend to catch more attention because it seems more realistic.
I can tell if an author has taken time to think about their plot if once choice affects another. You’ll be more likely to catch And keep a reader’s attention if you show how an action affected another scene. It keeps them interested, and probably wondering about the potential outcomes of future chapters

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