Dicussion: Playing An Instrument


this is inspired by todays poll of the week!

Do you play an instrument?

  • Yes!
  • Nope :frowning:

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haha anyways, i play violin. :slight_smile: i think its about to become 4 or 5 years. idrk :joy: and i used to take piano lessons for 9 months and singing lessons for 3-4 months (im not really sure tho)


Ayyy. Violinist!!


do you play the violin as well? :slight_smile:




wow. how long have u been playing ?


2 years.



I can play piano but I’ve always wanted to learn how to play ukulele


lol my mom is kinda pushing me to do the ukulele. i mean i already know how to play three instruments, cant hurt to learn another


I play ukulele and guitar also.


oof i would like to know how to play the guitar


I just love ukuleles lol they’re awesome


i also would like to learn how to play the bass or cello. well maybe even any string instrument


Yea same


Here where I live there is a music school for the kids who know how to sing and have a “talent” I guess. You start when you are 7 or 9 years old and it’s a school you go to everyday besides your
regural school you have classes and concerts and test, exams and those kinda stuff like a regural school and you go to the competitions and you go there for 6 or more years.
I somehow got in LOL and I am currently in it playing piano.
It’s been 6 years since I play piano… WOW when I say it out loud it sounds so weird…


But tbh I never wanted to go there my mum practically dragged me there.


well im glad my mom didnt forced me to play an instrument but i started violin bc my ex-friend said she would play violin but she decided on the cello last second. and i couldnt change from violin to cello


Lol but now I am glad she did!


Yeah, I play the piano and sometimes the guitar


Heyyy SHiStar


same i believe everything happens for a reason and a lot of good things came from deciding to stick w the violin and continue for 4 or 5 yrs