Did anyone else just get access to more detailed story metrics?

Hi guys! I haven’t seen any posts by the team about this, but I clicked on my story metrics this morning and saw that they had been updated. I can now view both the number and percent of completed reads per chapter, as well as a comparison to average and high-retaining community stories! This is great.

Has anyone else noticed the same thing?

Not sure if they dropped the feature too early, or…


I see it too on my end.
But, I don’t understand it really.


Yeah, I this on my portal today, too!
It’s great to help understand how your story’s doing, but lol, this freaked me out tbh :joy::see_no_evil:


Same!!! I don’t want to be compared to others :sob:

It looks like my stories are doing well but I still hate seeing the “uncompleted” reads… I guess it’s good to know that even high-retaining stories only have a 70% chapter 1 completion rate!


It basically just shows you how many people started a chapter, vs. how many people finished. So, how well you’re retaining readers!

The other stats are like standards provided by other community stories.

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Omg, I swear, my anxiety shoots through the roof–


I have it too! I’m glad we finally have a feature like this, it’s pretty interesting to look at.


Unrelated, but the hair in your profile pic is freaking gorgeous!

And omg I just recently added your story to my favourites because it sounded cool! I can’t wait to read it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ahh thank you! :pleading_face: And I hope you enjoy!

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That’s weird, I don’t have it. :thinking:

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It has been in beta for around a month now (which I think I can safely say bc I was part of their beta test group). My guess is that they’re starting to roll it out to other authors, now, too. However, I do not know what system they’re using so that some authors get it before others.

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I have it too! It makes me a bit anxious but it’s also kind of cool :woman_shrugging:t3::blush:


Exactly my thoughts LOL

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