Did anyone else's portal update?


So I write down a few lines on the portal, click preview, and bam:


When you go to Bubble Helper, they’ve added a bunch of stuff as well:

Sorry my screenshots are so gross lmao, but I think this is pretty cool. Thoughts?


Maybe! I’ve seen the loading screen but not the rest:/ it probably did update.


That’s pretty cool. I’ll have to go check it out. :slight_smile:


I got it too! I’m really curious, but at the same time, last time this happened it was a glitch and pressing the buttons kind of messed up peoples’ story data or something like that. So I recommend being really careful with it.


I’m not liking it too much, I can’t figure out how to toggle IF / ELSE commands ;-;


That hasn’t changed since the previous updates. You can still click “Story Modifiers” then “flags” and select the gains you want to be active when you’re previewing your story.


GIRL YES FINALLY THE NEW CHAPTER OF FTDF is gon be out! Been itching to see the other two snacks on the cover and that fine blonde/Russian strawberry shortcake again😍

But yeah back to the topic on a serious note, I have it too and there’s no word on the forums on the purpose of it? Whenever I click memory it shows that error and doesn’t let me preview the story til I refresh the page lol. I didn’t check all of the buttons but same error. Kinda wish we were posted on it.


Then I mustn’t have gotten the previous update x-x


Looks like they’re doing something big… hopefully we also finally find out what the heck the “counters” option under story modifiers is for…


HELL YESSS I’m so sorry it’s taking so long!! You should be seeing your strawberry shortcake again sometime next week :revolving_hearts::wink:

I wish we were posted on it as well… seems like it’s been pretty glitchy for a lot of people :grimacing:
fingers crossed that they make an official announcement about it soon!


me lookin’ for the chapters like

Also, whatever this previewer is, it’s but nothing but useless tbh. And since there’s so many buttons/options, I can easily misclick on the Webpreview and it’d have something like an “Error 11” message and me having to reload the page over and over :roll_eyes: As to why they wouldn’t actually announce it first (and they STILL haven’t lmao), I don’t know.


Exactly, most of the stuff looks to be pretty meaningless, at least for my stories. I don’t use gems, and I’m not sure what’s up with all of the debugging stuff… I do like the waiting screen they added but that’s about it lol.
They 100% could’ve announced it OR AT THE VERY LEAST warned us ahead of time that it was coming and would be glitchy. I feel lucky that I’ve only had one error since I started writing today (error 94, which I assume is error 11’s nasty twin lmao), but I sympathize so hard for everyone having to refresh every two seconds. I’m hoping I don’t accidentally click on that memory button since that seems to be the culprit in all this… ugh.

Your enthusiasm and excitement has me so motivated dwqdniwudnefo

I’m about to get ready for bed, which is when I read episodes… u know I’m about to settle down n read chapter 13 of TotH :eyes: can’t wait


I had it too. I’m not fond of it actually because sometimes it glitches, shows “error story cannot play blah blah.” And I had to refresh it to preview.


Same. Hella glitches. Actually making it difficult to write lol


Same I’m getting error 94 and it’s so annoying! I get that sometimes there are bugs but that doesn’t mean I have to like them.