Did anyone know something about hidden outfit of limelight character

So if demand something hidden outfit so they consider our request

its a wish list so you can iwsh for it. though they wont take gem stuff. because it gem. also its only for already made stuff not thing you want to be made

Did you also request anything before

I added a few pictures in it

here is some I added scrowl down to see more

So you did you get anything, another question are you a writer on episode too

the wish list only been up for a couple of weeks. it will come at some point. they are not gonna release evrything at the same time. but release something from it once a week.

and yes I am a writer

Cool I’ll try too maybe it’ll approve, what’s your story name and Instagram account

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You can try. it properly will be released at some point. they release new stuff every Thursday

insta is the same as my profile name

this is my story. do you have a story?

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Well, I love to read your story when it realised
Yeah I’ve story you can check them out if you want

I Married My Troublemaker (LL)

I Married My Troublemaker (ink)

And meme story

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My story is realised

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Ok then I’ll check it out and if you need any art scenes or cover I’ve happy to help

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Thanks but I can do art myself.

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Wow you do arts too, btw I read 3 episode of your story they are are amazing and mysterious and I used my passes so I read remaining later!

And I followed you on Instagram you can follow back if you want to catch up later @orangeweedie1998

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And one more thing could you please lend me interior dinner background and overlay if possible by alexa.episode I’ll credit her

You will have to go to alexas instagram for that. I cant send you her pictures . but I think she removed it though. you can try amepisode. on Insta she has a lot of background including dinner

I knew she remove her background that’s why I’m asking you to give that background
And in amepisode there are so many background, it’s difficult to find

Please please lend me those dinner background

They are under resturants and cafe

But to give them to you i need permission from alexa

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