Did anyone play MySims?

I made this cuz’ Sims 4 was free, and playing it reminded me of MySims.

I was about 4-6 I think, and I was coming home from dance class. We stopped at Taco Bell and ordered a kids meal (cuz’ they still served those) and because Taco bell put discs in said kids meals, I got something that would keep me entertained for hours! Thus, enters MySims. We had kept that game for a while, but I got a virus on my computer and had get a new one. The new computer didn’t play DVDs, so I begged my parents for… those things that play DV- I forgot what they were called, okay? Disc players? I asked for them, but to no avail. A year later, and I decide to try the computer family computer but the PC wouldn’t take it. I even tried putting the disc in a playstation. It spat it out.

Eventually we threw away the disc. I wasn’t happy about that.

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lol this is so relatable. I love simulation games, so when I saw how one of them was free I was quick to download it on my phone. my uncle had one of the games, cant remember which version it was but he had it on disk for his Xbox and I would always go over and play on it. It was fun, but overtime it got a little boring. A while later I found episode and I’ve been playing ever since


nope I had it but my computer would not install it. I have played 1 2 3 and 4 thought. own all of them

Haven’t touched any Sims games after Sims 3. They’ve been losing their charm ever since the first.

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