Did anyone survive Thriller:Hello by Evil Ebonni?



Guys, I’m so confused. I literally tried everything.

I choose the rope option (because there was a rope when she opened the door for him), I ignored him (because it said so on the poster on her desk), but I also tried it the other way. I choose inside and outside, both didn’t work out and I also tried running right/left. What did I do wrong?


Choose left, get rope, ignore all texts & calls, close all your windows before you call the police & go outside


Thank you! I will try it out


I did but it took me 4 tries lmao! And I had to scroll through IG comments for help lol


I lived on the second try. My mistake the first time was not ignoring the calls.


Ok I needed this, I tried this 4 freaking time and couldn’t survive!!!